Ever felt like racing a group of your friends on indoor trainers? What about pre-riding a race course like Alcatraz or Ironman Moo during the winter? At SBR in Verona, Wisconsin you can ride or race with up to 8 of your friends all winter long.

Using the computrainer systems, you will have access to your heartbeat, watts, speed, and other stats. You choose the course you want to ride or challenge your friends to a time trial. Better yet, show up for one of the several organized time trial races and show your stuff.

Although biking indoors is never as fun as outside, at SBR in Verona you will have a great experience. The huge screen, comradarie of friends, and choice of music make this a hard to beat winter riding experience.

Contact Jessica at SBR for appointments or group ride schedules. SBR Webpage.

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