Radar Like Technology Used to Enforce Bicycle Three Foot Law

The Chattanooga Police have new technology that shows how many inches a car is from a bicyclist when passing from behind.  They are using the new tool to educate drivers about the three foot law.

This is great and I would love to see this spread.  Passing a cyclist at less than three feet is extremely dangerous.  Wisconsin has had a three foot law for many years.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware of it including some police and sheriffs.  Tell all your friends!

Workcycles Kr8

With a child on the way and a dog that likes to come to work, I have been in search of a cargo bike.

Thanks to The Cargo Bike Shop in Madison, I have been lucky to test ride a Workcycles Kr8.  This morning was the first real ride and it rode great.  Took my dog who ran alongside for the first mile and the last.  She was happy to ride in the box and looked like she was smiling.  She sat on the bench seat for most of the ride and didn't try to jump out at all even for the snapping turtle on the path.  She has an innate ability to lean into corners.

My bro test rode it briefly in the parking lot with his boy who also loved the ride as is seen in the photos.