Kegs and Eggs Verona, Wisconsin 2014

What: Bike/Brewery Tours 

Where: Verona - New Glaurus, Wisconsin

When: May 10, 2014

Join us for a Craft Brew Bike Ride from Wisconsin Brewing company to New Glaurus Brewery and back! Event registration includes a pre-ride Barriques coffee and pastries, tours and beers at Wisconsin Brewing Company and New Glarus Brewry and a delicious brunch at the Wisconsin Brewing Company! 

Click HERE for more information and to get registered!! 

Wisconsin Driver's Education Now Requires 30 Minutes of Instruction In Safely Dealing with Vulnerable Users of the Roads

The push for stiffer penalties for drivers who hurt bicyclists and other vulnerable users of the roadways did not pass and make it into law.

However, the legislature did pass a new law requiring driver's education classes to acquaint each student with the hazards posed by motor vehicles to vulnerable highway users and provide at least 30 mins of instruction in safely dealing with these hazards.

Vulnerable users includes; 1. pedestrians; 2. bicyclists 3. operators of mopeds and motorcycles 4. animal drawn vehicles and farm tractors, 5. in line skates 6. police, fire, emt while performing duties, 7. any person rendering medical assistance to another person. 

It's nice to know new drivers will be getting this education.  It would be interesting to compare crash facts and see what percentage of drivers who injure vulnerable users are new/inexperienced drivers.

Vote for Madison for Top Cycling Town


You have until APRIL 14 at NOON to vote daily for your favorite cycling city.  This category is a mash-up for cyclists from all persuasions.  For our nominations, we went to none other than celebrated cyclist George Hincapie, a former world champion and national champion. He took into account the cycling cities he knows and loves; cities in which he's competed; cities with conducive weather; cities generating great buzz in the cycling community; and the places attracting cyclists on a permanent... [read more]