Bike Sharing in Milwaukee and Madison

Milwaukee Bike Sharing Bublr has multiple options including an annual pass for $80 that includes unlimited 60 minute rides, 30 days pass for $15 per month that includes unlimited 60 minute rides or a single ride for $3 up to 30 minutes and $3 for each additional 30 minutes.  Station locations.  

Madison B-Cycle has bikes for $5 per day, $7.99 per month, or $65 per year.  Station locations. 

Madison B-cycle

Help A Madison Girl Get to Cyclocross World Championships Belgium 2016!

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 Welcome to My Rally Campaign My name is Emma Swartz and I am from Madison, Wisconsin. I attend Marian University in Indianapolis, Indiana and do collegiate races. I also race cyclocross for Trek Cyclocross Collective. I started this Rally to help fund my trip to Zolder in Belgium where I’ll be representing Team USA in the 2016 U23 Women’s Cyclocross World Championships. This is the inaugural year for the U23 women’s race and I’m very excited to take part in it!

Why I'm Raising Funds I am raising funds to help with the cost of airfare as well as transporting my bikes and equipment to and from Belgium, along with other traveling expenses. My family and team have supported me well, but I am asking your for help too. Please consider helping me and join in my success as I represent Team USA. Matching Funds My Rally campaign is getting an extra boost thanks to a dedicated matching grant provided by the USA Cycling Development Foundation. That means for every dollar I raise, it will be matched up to $1000. I am among a small number of elite athletes chosen by USA Cycling coaches and staff to take part in this matching grant program.

How I Got Here I started racing cyclocross in 2008 and I haven’t looked back. I also race road and mountain bikes. Fall 2015 was my third season of racing in the UCI Elite Women division and it’s been a wonderful experience. Every race I learn something new and have a great time. I can’t wait to learn a ton more in the World Championships and experience what European cyclocross is like!


Government Confiscates 45 Mountain Bikes After Bicyclists Ride On Military Property

45 Mountain bikers received $500 tickets and had bikes confiscated as evidence when they rode onto federal/military property whilst using mountain bike trails.

The San Diego Mountain Biking Association has been warning people not to ride on the federal lands and warned of the risk of citations and confiscations. They are also working with the government and others to create more legal trails to ride on.