Yesterday was the Wednesday night Riley Taven bike ride. The ride took place around Verona, Wisconsin and has routes from 19-29 miles. It's amazing how many people show up for these rides. Most people ride road bikes with no areobars but I did see a few mountain bikes and one or two riders with aero bars.

The group is very friendly and also competitive. Various groups go off at different times with a slow group starting early that most people end up passing. The group I rode with rode pretty hard and sprinted a lot of the hills.

This ride and the Wednesday night bike rides in general are awesome because 1. The people are very cool 2. There are a ton of bikers 3. The routes are beautiful 4. It's a fun middle of the week ride 5. The routes change every week.

If you haven't tried one of these Madison area rides yet, you need to! There are groups for all abilities.

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