In 2001 Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus whilst riding his bicycle in New York City. This experience inspired him to start the bicycle film festival. The bicycle film festival is a celebration of all types of bicycles and bicycling including such odd forms as tall bike jousting, track bikes, alley cats, critical mass, bike polo, road racing, mountain biking and others.

The bicycle film festival is currently held in 39 cities worldwide. Milwaukee's festival takes place on August 28-29, 2009 at the times cinema on Vilet. The movies shown vary in length from over an hour to only several minutes and include things like bike polo, track and road racing, and a movie about a 7 year old leaving his block for the first time on his bicycle. Tickets are $8.00.

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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