Bicycle registration in Wisconsin is controlled by city ordinances. In Madison, City of Madison Ordinance 12.78(2) requires all bicycles used by Madison residents to be registered. Failure to do so could result in a fine and fees of around $50.City of Madison Ordinance 12.78(2)(d) requires bicycle dealers to register bicycles at time of sale.

Good reasons for registering your bicycle include:

-Theft Deterrence
-Bicycle Identification in Case of Theft
-Rider Identification in Case of Accident
-Independent Proof of Ownership for insurance claims
-Helps with Bicycle Planning

The cost is $10 for four years. You can register or renew online by going to

According to the city of Madison, "Your chance of recovering a stolen bicycle without record of serial number or a registration is close to zero according to the Madison Police Department.
Over $300,000 worth of bicycles are stolen in Madison each year. Bicycle thefts in Madison accounted for over two million dollars in loss over the past five years."

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer


Anonymous said...

Yes you have to register your bike. After all who is paying for the trails 90% of riders do not ride on? Our vehicles have to pay for the roads that you ride on instead of trails right? Our roads are crumbling, and there is no money to fix them, but there is plenty to go towards your trails, millions for the trails is spent annually. What bothers us vehicle owners and drivers is the fact that you do not even register and pay the chump change fee for your trails that you do not use. Who is getting the short end of the stick? The bicyclists who pay nothing for the fancy trails? Or the vehicle drivers who have to pay close to $100 a year for road use? And my biggest question is “why do you bicyclists use the roads anyways? Especially during rush hours? My advice, get the smug and arrogant looks off your faces and get on the trails that are made for you, paid for by us. And pay the $10 to ride your bikes.

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