Bike Tour Around Lake Michigan

Here are some photos from a recent trip we took around the top of Lake Michigan.  About 530 miles in 7 days. We took the ferry from Manitowoc to Ludington with our bikes.  We then rode from Ludington to Sleeping Bear Dunes campground.  Day 2 was Sleeping Bear Dunes to Fisherman's Island Campground.  Day 3 was Fisherman's Island to Mackinaw Island.  Day 4 was St. Ignace to Manistique.  Day 5 was Manistique to Marinette.  Day 6 was Marinette to Denmark WI.  Day 7 was Denmark back to Manitowoc.

Lot's of fun seeing new sights.  The majority of drivers and people were very friendly.  The worst section of roadway was highway highway 31 in Traverse City.  We decided the road was not bike-able and rerouted to Elk Lake Road.  If anyone is taking a similar trip and wants to talk further, please email me for more details.

The SS Badger Ferry is awesome.  Free bingo, arcade, food and drinks.  No bikes allowed on the Mackinaw Bridge so you have to go into a little building and pick up a phone and request a ride in a pickup for $5 per bike.  On the other side you have to bike on the highway just until the first exit.  No cars allowed on Mackinaw Island just bikes and horses.  Even the guy who picks up all the horse poop in the roads does it by bike.



Andrew P said...

Sounds like a sweet trip!

kayla said...

Thanks for the info and photos. Planning a trip this summer.

Elizabeth said...

Great information and photos! Thank you! Planning a trip in June 2018.