New Madison Mountain Biking Trails?

From Chris James, Dane County Park Planner:

-Proposed trails would be primarily beginner level trails intended to be used by youth from surrounding neighborhoods.

-A Dane County Mountain Bike Trail Pass would be required for trail users 16 years and older. An annual trail pass fee is $16, daily is $5.

-The proposed trails would have 2 signed access points off the Capital City Trail, and a registration kiosk at the far west access on City of Madison lands. A registration kiosk is also proposed at the new Dawley Bike Hub.

-Nearly all of the proposed mountain bike trails are on City of Madison and Dane County owned land. A spur trail from the Capital City Trail that is approximately 70’ long is proposed to connect from City of Fitchburg owned lands at the northeast corner of the proposed trails.

-Dane County and Capital Offroad Pathfinders (CORP) will be responsible for all operation and maintenance of the trails.

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