Madison Quarry Ridge Mountain Bike Trail Workday May 11-12, 2013

The Quarry Ridge work weekend is next weekend, May 11 and 12



8:00 - Leaders meet to review workday tasks

9:00 - Meet @ pavilion by parking lot - Sign in, introductions and tool safety, break into groups led by trail stewards. A light breakfast will be supplied.

9:30 - Work groups head to their respective work areas

1:00 - Brat grill-out sponsored by Bavaria Sausage, Inc.

1:30 - Regroup and breakout to work areas
5:00 - Hydration, and group ride if anyone is still standing.


9:00 - If you can't get enough of trail building, meet at the pavillion to help the trail stewards with trail finishing. Otherwise...

10:00 - Group rides start at the pavilion. Anyone is welcome to hang out and ride all day. Maybe grill some brats if there are any left from Saturday.

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