There is a definite conflict taking place between drivers and bicyclists. Some say the solution is to encourage people who usually drive to start spending more time on their bikes. The theory is that if more people biked, then those same people would drive in a safer manner and be less judgmental of biker behavior.

Social Psychologists have determined that people with closely held attitudes, values, and intersts are more likely to share interpersonal relationships and more likely to get along with each other. Social Psycologists explain that humans tend to relate to others who share the same beliefs because it validates the values they share.

Is it true that if more people rode bikes they would relate better to bicycling, and bicyclists? Would the new riders care more about bicycling related issues and saftey?

According to a recent msnbc story, the Mayor of Los Angeles has recently decided to campaign to make streets safer for bicyclists, has decided that bikes belong on streets in addition to cars, and has announced plans to convene a bicycle saftey summit. Why? Because he was recently injured on his bicycle when a cab cut across the bike lane in front of him during his "first ride on city streets since taking office," about five years ago.

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