Bicycle only subdivisions

Plans are underway in Columbia South Carolina to create a bicycle only subdivision. The subdivision will be about 4.5 square miles and include bike trails, walking paths, fish ponds, and energy efficient housing. All motor vehicles will be parked outside the subdivision. The developers located the subdivision near an Amtrak stop and hope other cities will develop similar subdivisions that can connect to each other.

Why is this a good idea

1 kids could play in the roads without fear of getting hit by cars
2 neighbors would interact more and there would be a stronger sense of community
3 people would be forced to walk or bike making them healthier
4 the air in the neighborhood would be cleaner
5 there would be no motorist vs bicycle altercations within the subdivision

Potential concerns?

1 fire, ems, police, postage
2 how do kids learn traffic safety
3 inclement weather

Here in Madison, bike riders get a taste of what a bike only subdivision would be like during the two ride the drives each summer. Additionally State Street limits vehicle traffic to mostly buses giving bikers most of the area to themselves. Based on the popularity of ride the drive and State Street maybe Madison would be a good place for the next bike only subdivision

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