When: Every Wednesday during Cyclocross season.
Where: Garner Park- Madison- Just west of Shorewood Hills
Time: 5:30

Every Wednesday there is a cyclocross practice at Garner Park on the West Side of Madison. Everyone should get out and try this! The practices involve riding on grass around the park and making turns around the red flags. Also, there are one to two areas where you have to clip out and carry your bicycle over two plastic obstacles.

The best part of these practices is the variety of riding. You really have to stay focused because of all the turns and hills. The course is about 1.5 miles and you do 3 laps (or less if you want) then break and go again. There are hills, tons of turns, obstacles, and a bunch of other riders to meet, talk with, and ride with.

There is a big mix of riders, some on mountain bikes, others on cyclocross, some fast, some slow. Everyone is friendly and out for a good time.

The thing that makes these practices good for everyone is that unlike a traditional group ride, bikers are free to go as fast or slow as they want. If you are new, just stay at the back and you are out of everyone's way and can still have fun.

Everyone really needs to try this at least once. You won't be disappointed!

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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