UW Platteville has provided a very cheap way to get around campus for the year. In the hopes of attracting more people to the wonderful world of bicycling, the University of Wisconsin Platteville, working with the cycling club, is providing bike rentals to students for only $40 per year and the bike comes with a lock!

The bikes were donated by maintainence staff at the university after they were left behind. Students who wish to give the bike back to the school at the end of the school year receive $20 back so a student can rent a bike and lock for the school year for only $20.

This should get a lot more people biking. From what I remember about this campus, there are a lot of nice pathways that would be good for biking and also a lot of grassy hilly areas around campus that would be fun to bike on. Another nice part about biking in Platteville is the small amount of traffic and the ability to get out of the city and onto quiet country roads within a short time.

For some pictures of biking in this area, see my post on this blog about the ride from Verona to Platteville and back.

Students interested in renting a bike should read on at pedalmilitia.blogspot.com

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