Bicycling to work in Wisconsin brings with it many challenges. Some of these include weather, bike storage, roads, mechanical problems, and safety. Fortunately, many Wisconsin cities including Madison are very easy to bike in and make it easy to commute to work.

Here are some interesting statistics and facts regarding bicycling to work.

In one car parking space, there is room for 6 to 20 bicycles. The estimated cost of one parking space in a paved lot is $2,200 and 12,500 for a space in a garage. (see my indoor bike parking post on this blog).

Bicycling burns an average of about 500 calories per hour. (see my post about most calories burned during sports).

People who see you bike to work will think you are cool.

You will come to work full of energy and de-stressed.

You are basically guaranteed not to have to deal with traffic problems or parking.

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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