Wisconsin Bicycling on College Campuses

Wisconsin is blessed to have many top notch Universities including UW La Crosse, UW Eau Claire, UW Green Bay, UW Madison, UW Milwuakee, UW, Stevens Point, UW Platteville, UW River Falls amongst many other great campuses. Like the rest of Wisconsin, the campuses/universities have wonderful bicycle routes and opportunities for commuting to classes.

If you ever find yourself on one of Wisconsin's beautiful campuses, you will notice an abundence of bicyclists. Not only are the Wisconsin college students smart, they are athletic and appreciate the clean air and peace that go along with bicycling to class rather than driving. I have fond memories of bicycling to class in the snow on my old black cannondale mountain bike.

The only thing harder than jumping on the Cannondale on an early winter morning was jumping into a cold pool.

See Wis. Stat. 36.11(8m)

Transportation planning. The board shall direct the administrative officers of each campus to work with the regional planning commissions and the local authorities of the community in which the campus is located to evaluate the transportation needs of the campus population. The board shall require each campus to develop a transportation plan for the campus to effect energy resource conservation and efficient use of transportation resources. The plan shall include pedestrian walkways, bikeways, bike routes, bicycle storage racks, car and van pools and, to the extent feasible, improved mass transit services. The transportation plans shall detail parking management strategies which provide incentives for the use of mass transit and high occupancy vehicles.

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