According to the Isthmus, A 50 year old former Marine and Madison resident was driving his car home from the grocery when he spotted his brother's recently stolen bike.

He parked his car (leaving his cat and bicycle in his car) and went to speak with the bike thief. After positively identifying the bicycle as his brother's, he grabbed the handlebar of the bike and would not let go.

After spotting an officer, the man yelled to the officer in his car and threw a muffler part into the street to get the officer's attention.

He was then arrested and charged with felony robbery with use of force and two misdemeanors: criminal damage to propertyand disorderly conduct. (he now faces 8 1/2 years in prison according to the Isthmus). Even though the police later determined it was his brother's stolen bicycle.

Even worse, the man's cat got out of his car and is now missing along with the bike he had in his car trunk. According to the Isthmus story the man asked the police to check on his cat but they did not until late that night. He also received a $30 parking ticket after the police allegedly moved his car and parked it in a no parking zone.

When the bike was returned 4 days later, it was missing about $500 in parts.

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