Many friends of mine are reluctant to leave their bike out even if it is locked up. Fortunately, in most parts of Wisconsin, people do not have to worry about a locked bike being stolen (at least not during the day).

However, in larger cities and increasingly in smaller areas thefts of locked bikes are on the rise.

Traditional U-shaped locks have been disabled by crafty theives. Many messengers in large cities have now turned to using U locks in combination with chains and padlocks under the theory that a thief will be more reluctant to try to steal a double locked bike.

Another common trick is riding a beat up bicycle with no logos or black tape covering the whole bike.

Many locks provide a guarantee up to a certain amount (usually around $3,000) if your bike is stolen.

I use a giant cable lock and it has worked fine so far. However, I have read that cable locks are easily cut with bolt cutters or a hacksaw and are "the easiest way to get your bike stolen."

When I lived in Milwaukee I accidently locked my bike to nothing and the next day was amazed to find out no one had stolen it-maybe they didn't realize it either.

Other options to prevent bike theft include indoor bike parking and bike GPS stings by the police.

So what is the best bike lock to prevent theft? The one that provides the highest free anti theft warranty.

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer