Several communities in Wisconsin have had or do have bicycle sharing programs. Most if not all have faced the problem of people not returning the bicycles. For example, last month in Green Bay, the city put out 22 share bikes. Within two weeks there were only three left.

Often times the bikes disappear because of a lack of knowledge by the community.

Ripon College in Wisconsin is known to have a bike sharing program as well as Elkhart Lake.

When more people become aware of these programs and how to use them, less bicycles will be stolen or lost. Spread the word about bike sharing and do your part to help start a bike sharing program in your city!

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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Jacob Johnson said...

Paris has an interesting public bike renting system called VĂ©lib'.'

The PBS series e2 had a good special on this program.
Then navigate: "Webcasts" -> "Paris: Velo Liberte"