After a recent bicycle accident in Plymouth, Wisconsin, the Plymouth police have decided to lose their uniforms and pose as pedestrians crossing streets. The point is to enforce Wisconsin's pedestrian and bicycle laws for those who cross the street and crack down on the number of driver's who fail to yield to pedestrians.

The undercover officers are planning on crossing the cities busiest intersections and ticketing drivers for failure to yeld. In Wisconsin, the fine for failure to yield is $140.50 and four points.

Wisconsin laws provide that vehicles must yield to pedestrians under many different circumstances.
"Cross walk stings" or "Pedestrian decoy operations" often involve notifying the media ahead of time to help increase awareness of the problems and lead to better driving. The efficacy of these programs has not been covered in much depth, but a recent sting in Miami Florida that was studies showed beneficial results and tended to show an increase in effectiveness through continued use.
Pedestrians and Wisconsin bicyclists love to see cross walk stings take place as they tend to teach agressive drivers a lesson.

Posted by Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer-Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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