Everyone likes meeting new people and learning new bike routes and having someone else to ride with. Wisconsin’s Ride Share Program provides Wisconsin Bicyclists options to help them commute by bicycle.

You can register online at:
Or by contacting their office at:
Madison Area Metropolitan Planning Organization121 S. Pinckney St. Ste 400 - Madison, WI 53703 - Tel. 608-266-RIDE (266-7433)email:

According to their website:

When you provide your origin, destination, and work times, the computer software scans the database for others making the same commute within a selected radius. The results of the scan provide a match report with contact information. The report is also print ready. Your information will be provided to other matching commuters if you maintain your registration in the database.

If I commute by bike, can I be matched to other bikers?

Yes, you can. On the registration page you will be asked to rate your experience as either an accomplished or novice biker. Then you choose if you would like to be matched with either an accomplished or novice bike buddy. Bike trails will appear on match maps in some areas. Your Welcome Page will give web site links to area bike trail maps.

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