Concussions From Bike Crashes

Check out the video below of a bike racer in the Tour of California 2017.  Due to concussion he doesn't remember crashing, getting back on his bike or getting pulled off the bike about 15 minutes later.  He also almost got hit by the chase group trying to get back on his bike.  You can see in the video the man doesn't seem to recognize what is going on.

In car bike crashes, Insurance companies hire lawyers to blame the person riding the bicycle. Imagine this person trying to explain what happened if he had just been hit by a car that went through a red light.  Some common things insurance lawyers and others claim in car bike crashes:

1. Bicycling is dangerous and anyone who rides on roads is at fault for just being there/they don't belong on the road even though the law says they have the same right as person driving a car;
2. All of their injuries were pre-existing and they are just lying about any pain or harm;
3. It is just too hard for the poor drivers to see them so it is not the fault of the person driving the car;
4. The person riding a bicycle did not have neon clothes on so it is their fault, not the person who was driving a car while distracted;
5. The person should have had a helmet on even though it is not required by law and studies show people driving cars give unhelmeted bicyclists more room;
6. It does not matter that the person driving the car plowed into the bicyclist from behind and admitted fault in writing, it is the fault of the person on the bicycle because they don't pay taxes for the roads.

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