No Loyalty Amongst Car Drivers

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Almost all people who ride bikes also drive cars, but not all people who drive cars ride bikes. For unexplained reasons there is an ongoing harshness/conflict between people who drive motor vehicles and people who ride bicycles. The conflict appears to be based upon what type of vehicle the person chooses to operate and nothing else. Two days ago, Dale Earnhardt Jr. one of the most well known drivers of cars around was out riding a bicycle. According to his twitter, a person driving a car gave him the middle finger within the first five minutes of his ride. From Earnhardt's twitter:

 "@JimmieJohnson got me on @twitter. That's been fun. So now he's got me into cycling. A πŸš— shot me the πŸ–•πŸΌin the 1st 5 minutes."

Maybe Earnhardt had his "Nationwide" hat on and that was the reason he got the middle finger and it was not because he chose to ride a bicycle.

Either way, people who choose to drive a motor vehicle should try to do a better job of not getting angry when they see someone who chooses to ride a bicycle.  Anger is bad for health.

The person driving the car should ask himself or herself, why am I so angry at this person for choosing to ride a bicycle.  I don't even know them.  It could be a friend or neighbor.  Maybe in reality I hate my life and wish I was out riding a bicycle instead of living the life I have.

As Bob Marley says, "Love the life you live.  Live the life you love."  Instead of putting your middle finger up to people you have not taken the chance to speak with, go ride a bike and or find out what you hate about your life and change it.

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