2016 Wisconsin Cyclocross Season

Soon summer will be winding down and fall rolling in.  For many this means time to switch from road to cross.  Cross has changed dramatically over the years.  Less than ten years ago, local shops did not sell cross bikes.  People and races often had homemade cross bikes.  Madison riders used to gather at Garner Park for informal practices.  There was even a free "race" on Halloween where one year we jumped caskets and a George Bush character in a suit stuffed with hay.   Races used to be low key with a lot of camaraderie.  The season was shorter and races got smaller turnouts.

Fast forward 10 years and we have races almost every Saturday and Sunday, Cross bikes available everywhere, training plans, organized practices with Park Permits and a whole lot of other changes. We even have a great race at Trek World Headquarters that draws the best in the world.

Most of the changes are good but I still miss the more relaxed and fun atmosphere of Garner Park practices where you just show up and ride and muddy rainy races where I could care less about my place-it just feels like being a kid again out riding my bike with friends.  Looking forward to another fun season and hope to get in at least a couple races and practices to hang with old friends.

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