Cars Warned and Cited for Failure to Yield to Pedestrian in Milwaukee Sting

Check out this video of a car driving right past a young man in a high vis vest. According to the story by Tom Held of WI Bike Fed, Milwaukee Police pulled over 64 drivers for failure to yield in two hours and there were more violations noted by Marquette University Policy.

 Unfortunately only 12 were cited and 67 warnings were issued. How often does someone who is drunk driving get a warning?

 What is the point in warning someone who violates a safety statute on video? Would the driver still get a warning even if they hit the young man in the high vis vest? What if a driver killed him, would it still just be a warning?  Is there some un-written rule that unless you injure or kill someone, the yield to pedestrian law means nothing?

 By giving warnings, are the police suggesting that drivers in WI don't know the law yet, or that drivers are not responsible for following the law until after a police officer specifically tells them?

 If the driver had a bag of marijuana or other drugs on the passenger seat would they get a warning? What is more dangerous, possessing but not using marijuana/drugs, or choosing to drive a 2000lb plus pound car at a speed of 25 mph plus within inches of a human being.


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