Madison 2015 Cyclocross Practices

The new dedicated cyclocross trails at North-East Park (Madison) are open and ready to ride. See new PDF trail map in our Madcross “Files”. Trail access is free. There are challenges for every skill level (short steep hills, off-cambers, etc.), and it feels more like “field riding” than the trail riding at Badger Prairie or Sheehan Parks. Please try it out and let me know what you think. Your feedback is important. Important information: Do not ride in wet conditions. If you’re not sure what “wet” means, call the Madison Parks Rain Out line on the day you want to ride: 608-267-8787. Please avoid any worn or brown grass areas so the grass can recover. Please stay on designated grass trails (see trail map). North-East Park is a “primitive” park, so there are no bathrooms or water facilities. The nearest facilities are at Erin’s Pub on American Parkway, less than a mile away. Maybe the easiest way to ride to the park from downtown Madison is to take the Starkweather Creek Path to Reindahl Park and then use Portage Road through American Insurance campus to the Park at 5501 Tancho Drive. 2015 grass mowing was made possible by a generous donation from Team Magnus. Thanks!

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erun said...

Are there scheduled practice times here?