Madison Cranksgiving 2013

When: November 23, 2013

Time: Start 10 a.m. Finish before 1:00 p.m.

What: Cranksgiving Madison

Where: Start Finish at Pinnacle Health Fitchburg, WI.

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Why: Helping others in the community makes Madison better for all.

Cost: No entry fee.  Just bring money (about $10-$15) to purchase groceries for people who need help as part of the ride.

Get a manifest/ shopping list morning of and ride your bike to various groceries and buy food for Grace Episcopal Men's Shelter and Porchlight Madison.  Bring the receipts back as proof.  Route is up to you.

Recommended: Messenger bag, backpack or rack and bags, bike lock, warm clothes.

All traffic and trail laws and rules must be followed during this event.  All roads are open.

If you are not familiar with Cranksgiving, its a bike race/ride that has participants bicycling all over the city to different grocery stores, gathering hundreds of food items that are donated to a local food pantry.  The Madison Cranksgiving will benefit Grace Episcopal Men's Shelter and Porchlight.

Further details to follow in the next week.  To register, please email me at:

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