2013 Almonzo 100

Below are some pictures from the 2013 Almonzo 100 Gravel Bike Race and my Garmin profile.  About 1000 participants rode gravel together in perfect weather.  Total elevation was over 6,000 feet.  A few monstrous climbs throughout the race kept things interesting.  One very interesting section involved crossing a fast moving river whilst holding our bikes.  They re-routed the race after some people had difficulty crossing.  My favorite was the cyclocross style finish with tape, some mud, and a few fun turns into the finish area.

This race is completely free and has been going 7 years.  Riders register by sending a postcard to the race director with a picture of their bikes during the month of January.  You will see some of everything-single speeds, tandems, mountain bikes and some very friendly people. 



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