Three Madison Area Bike/Tri Shops Named in Nationwide Top 50 List

Slowtwitch recently listed three Madison area bike shops in its list of the nationwide top 50 triathlon retail stores.  Congrats to Machinery Row , Chronometro, and Endurance House.

According to slowtwitch, the list includes the top 50 retailers in the United States who, during 2012, most expertly serviced the sport of triathlon with retail goods, according to their vendors. The suppliers — manufacturers and in some cases their distributors — represented 85 percent of the voting weight. The suppliers who voted included virtually every bicycle manufacturer important in triathlon. In all, 10 of the top 11 companies in the most recent Kona Bike Survey returned ballots, as did 5 leading wheel companies, 4 out of the 5 leading saddle companies, virtually every important wetsuit manufacturer, as well as companies in every other relevant sector: nutritionals, electronics, handlebars, components, accessories and footwear.

Selection was based upon:

Superior technical and brand knowledge.
- Broad and deep tri-related inventory in stock.
- Strong service to the local community.
- Specific knowledge of triathlon.
- Strong ability to match the right product, size, and set-up to the customer.
- Strong intangibles (local sponsorship of races, training rides and runs, athletes and clubs, bringing in guest speakers).
Here is the entire top 50 list.

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