How to Make A Car Give You 3 Feet

Julie and I just picked up a Christmas tree with the bob trailer. Thought it would be way more fun than driving a car to get a tree and we were right. The people at the lot in Verona, WI were laughing, and as we rode off a woman stopped us with a big smile on her face. She said she had never seen this before and wished she had her camera. Surprisingly, many of the oncoming drivers on the way home looked but didn't seem to notice. We strapped the approximately 7 foot tree onto the bob in less than a minute.

I wanted to take normal roads to get cars to give me the legally required three feet space, but got convinced that it was a better idea to ride mostly trails.  We made it home without any stops. The tree rode great.  I was careful not to get too crazy in the corners and I did feel it on the uphills, but other than the hills and corners, I couldn't even tell it was behind me.

 When we got home, the tree was in immaculate condition.  If you get the chance this season, I highly reccomend biking your tree to your house.

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