Endomondo July 2012-Griessmeyer Law First in Nation

After our team Brewer ride on the first of the month, the Griessmeyer Law Team is currently sitting at #1 in the nation out of 2,577 teams for July only in the Endomondo Get Up and Ride National Challenge. 

Fun facts:  Our team of 10 has burned 151,065 calories bicycling since May 1 and logged 9,554 miles.  We saved 2,442 in gas.

In total, there are 28,339 riders particpating throughout the U.S.  Together we have logged 6,592,816 miles and saved over $1,000,000 in gas.

This challenge has really made bicycling more fun and encouraged me to ride more often. It is fun competing against others as well as teammates.  Thank you to Scott and Endomondo and Wisconsin Bike Fed for organizing this great and healthy challenge. 

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