SBR Coaching and Rocket Bicycle Studio in Verona just finished their third indoor cycling relay challenge.  These competitions continue to get bigger and bigger and are fun to ride or just watch.  This most recent race had a total of 171 riders. You know you are at the right place if you see a motor home parked in the back, bicyclists all over riding, cheering, sleeping, and tons of food and drink. The Race Day Events A team took first place out of a total of 11 teams.  Money is raised for charity. 

Below is an interview with Jessica Laufenberg-owner of SBR Coaching and Peter Oyen owner of Rocket Bikes.  The relay challenge is an annual winter event here in Verona, Wisconsin.  Jessica's responses are in yellow whilst Peter's responses are red:

Ryan G leading the Race Day Events A Team

What is the cycling relay challenge?

The Winter Cycling Relay Challenge (WCRC) is an event we created to break up the monotony of the winter indoor cycling months. We allow up to 12 teams, and a minimum of 2 riders (most team have 8-12). A rider from each team must be riding every hour from 5pm Friday till 5pm Saturday. We total up the mileage covered over 24 hours.

How many people participated?

171 riders participated in the February edition of the WCRC

How fast was the team that won?

The winning team covered 441.87 miles in 24 hours.

Is it possible to use the power for anything—how much power is there-could it light a football field.

Oh gosh, no idea. Per hour, figure there were 2500 watts produced. What does that give you?

Why has it grown so fast?

We had 7 teams for the first one, 6 teams for the second and 11 for the third. I had only opened it up for 8 teams, and there was so much demand had to strategize a way to get 11 teams in for the event. 

Do you have to be fast or is it fun for all abilities?

It's fun, and has become slightly competitive. In this years race, we had 9 lead changes for total mileage covered at certain points of the event. 
No. It's a fun, enjoyable yet challenging event. Proceeds and money is raised for charity.

How do you keep track of the progress?

Each hour, each rider rides 55 minutes and we calculate how far they go in that 55 minutes, and it adds to their teams overall distance traveled

What is your favorite part about it?
I think the "pit crew" changing of the bikes at the top of every hour is one and also when there are a few riders battling it out to beat each other in that hour, and everyone is there screaming and cheering them on. It's chaotic fun!
ALL the people that we never met before coming to race and have fun!

When is the next one?

2nd week of November, 2012

What do you expect to see in the future?

I think the same thing. One more team would fit in the event here. 

What are some funny stories of things that happened?
Not so much funny now but three speakers were blown and two computrainers were also on the fritz. A few people puked and people were sleeping in odd places.

What do you recommend for people participating?

To come and have fun. It's a crazy event, and riding in the middle of the night is the most sought after slot. You get to tell your friends you rode at 2am!

What other events and happenings are there at SBR and Rocket
Right now at SBR we also have the Winter Cycling Time Trials on Tuesday PM's and Sundays. The summer programs for SBR has opened up and we have everything from Open Water Swim (OWS) practices to Tuesday Night Brick (TNB) classes and Mud Run Training. More info
Why is SBR and Rocket the best training and shop in town?
SBR offers a level of professionalism, knowledge and experience. This is not a side job for us that coach here. It's our life and love. We are here to help educate each athlete so they can become the best they can be. We are not a team, or a club, or professional triathletes. We are average individuals who spend their time learning about the sport and passing on the right information to each person.  
SBR Coaching is a community of people - athletes of all ages, parents, kids, business professionals, students and retirees - who enjoy what swimming, cycling, running and multisport brings to their life.  Athletes from all over come into our facility - individuals, clubs, teams, organizations.  The goal of the Coaches at the SBR facility is to enable people to access their best health and lifestyle through any and all disciplines.

I wouldn't say we are the best but we are very approachable, fun, kind and enjoyable people. We enjoy what we do because we are helping people. Whether it be coaching or an evaluation or questions regarding a bike or component. We listen to what our cusotmers and clients want and we try to accommodate.

Anything else people should know?
We work with a lot of athletes who are new to the sport of cycling, running and/or triathlon. each person has their own goals and aspirations. We are here to help out whether it's a running evaluation, bike fit or coaching to do their first half marathon. We have it all!

Pro Triathlete Jackie Arendt Riding For the Race Day Events A Team
Looking for a shorter race than 24 hours?  Check out the upcoming Metal Pedal in Milwaukee.  A 300 meter (16-19 second) sprint head to head on rollers. 

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