La Crosse Area Bicycling

Please enjoy a few photos from a recent ride up Grandad's Bluff and the Elroy Sparta Trail. Sparta is referred to as the bicycling capital of America.  Although Davis, California also claims to be the bicycling capital of America, last time I checked, Davis didn't have a 3,200 foot tunnel to ride through, or the first ever U.S. abandoned rail corridor converted into a recreational trail (1965).  Kind of reminds me of the Californians trying to claim they are the dairy capital and have happier cows. 

Climbing Grandad's Bluff in La Crosse, September 2011

This map and pins show where visitors to the Elroy Sparta Trail come from.  The map is cleared every May.  The photo above was taken in September 2011 and at that time, people had visited from every state in the U.S.  A map below (not shown) shows visitors from all over the World. 

Climbing Grandad's on a nice fall day

Aftermath of a rainy, but fun trail ride from Spata to Norwalk

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