Madison Bicycle Parking

Leading the way for the rest of the State, Madison has implemented a bike corral on King Street.  The corral has room for ten bikes, takes the place of previous car parking spots, and frees up space on the sidewalk for walkers.  Other innovative bicycle friendly measures in Madison include bike boxes, bike boulevards, ghost bikes, ride of silence, world class racing, bicycle specific signals, and one of the best commuting trail systems you will find anywhere.  Thanks to those who keep improving the bicycling for the rest of us. 

Regarding bicycle parking in Madison see generally Madison Ordiance 28.11 et. seq.

Bicycle parking facilities shall be provided as required for all new structures and
uses established as provided in Sec. 28.11(2)(a)1. or to changes in uses as
provided in Secs. 28.11(2)(a)2. and 3.;

 Size. Off-street parking spaces shall comply with the minimum width, length and access requirements as specified in Sec. 10.08 of the Madison General Ordinances. Required bicycle parking spaces shall be at least 2 feet by 6 feet. An access aisle of at least 5 feet shall be provided in each bicycle parking facility. Such space shall have a vertical clearance of at least 6 feet.'

Bicycle Parking Facilities. Accessory off-street parking for bicycles shall include provision for secure storage of bicycles. Such facilities shall provide lockable enclosed lockers or racks or equivalent structures in or upon which the bicycle may be locked by the user. Structures that require a user-supplied locking device shall be designed to accommodate U-shaped locking devices. All lockers and racks must be securely anchored to the ground or the building structure to prevent the racks and lockers from being removed from the location. The surfacing of such facilities shall be designed and maintained to be mud and dust free.'

Bicycle parking facilities shall be located in a clearly designated safe and convenient location. The design and location of such facility shall be harmonious with the surrounding environment. The facility location shall be at least as convenient as the majority of auto parking spaces provided."

 Bicycle parking facility spaces shall be provided in adequate number as determined by the Zoning Administrator. In making the determination, the Zoning Administrator shall consider when appropriate, the number of dwelling units or lodging rooms, the number of students, the number of employees, and the number of auto parking spaces in accordance with the following guidelines (see chart at left).'

Off-Street Bicycle Parking Guidelines

Land Use Bike Space
Dwellings/lodging rooms 1 per dwelling unit or 3 lodging rooms
Clubs/lodges 1 per lodging room plus 3% of person capacity
Fraternities/sororities 1 per 3 rooms
Hotels/lodging houses 1 per 20 employees
Galleries/museums/libraries 1 per 10 auto spaces
Colleges/universities/junior and high schools 1 per employees plus 1 per 4 students
Nursery/elementary schools 1 per 10 employees plus students above second grade
Convalescent and nursing homes/institutions 1 per 20 employees
Hospitals 1 per 20 employees
Places of assembly, recreation, entertainment, and amusement 1 per 10 auto spaces
Commercial/manufacturing 1 per 10 auto spaces
Miscellaneous/other To be determined by the zoning administrator based on the guideline for the most similar use listed above.


Dave Reid said...

Well in this case Milwaukee is leading the way as it currently has three on-street bike corrals, all installed before Madison's first.

Clay said...

Good point. Hopefully both cities continue to make bicycling better for all.