Wisconsin Triple Crown Bike Ride Series

Now that spring has arrived, Wisconsinites can look forward to three (3) century+ distance bicycle rides.  On May 14, 2011 is the Arcadia's Brute with distances of 50k, 100k, 150k and 200k.  June 25, 2011 is the Kickapoo Kicker with distances of 100k, 150k and 200k.  On August 13, 2011 is the Dairyland Dare with distances of 50k, 100k, 150k, 200k, 250k, and 300k. 

If you complete all three races and do not drop your distance (example-you can't do 100k in the first race and then switch to 50k in a later race) you will receive a jersey with the distances you compelted on the back-see above.

According to the website:

Q:Can I get a jersey if I don't complete all three stages?
A:No. Coffee is for closers and jerseys are for finishers.

Click for more info on the triple crown series.

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