Wisconsin Bike Summit Group Ride

When: Monday April 18, 2011 from 5-7 p.m.
What: Group Ride-all levels welcome
Where: Leaving from corner of Wisconsin Ave. and Mifflin next to Concourse Hotel
Why: To ride bikes, make use of the bike elevator, and check out Muskies

On Monday, the day before the Wisconsin Bike Summit, there will be a group ride.  Riders will experience the best of downtown Madison including riding State Street, the bike path, watching Muskies jump the dam at Lake Wingra, the bike elevator, views of the Capitol, and some good food and drink afterwards at the Brocach.
There will be several ride leaders to help keep people on track and inspire the muskies to jump.  Although subject to change depending on amount of riders and other conditions, below is the tenative route.

Muskies Getting Ready to Jump For It

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G Ferguson said...

the muskies will jump
as soon as you turn around!