Getting Through Winter

Last weekend it was sunny and the bike trails were in perfect condition for a nice ride to the Capitol to check out the protests.

As is often the case this time of year, the next day there was a snow/ice storm. Fortunately, there were two fun biking activities this past weekend and both were indoors.

1st was the SBR indoor 24 hours of cycling relay. Great turnout-7 teams and about 20 or so people actually spent the night. Some good close races between the teams including UW Tri Team, Mad City Velo, CCMC, and others. Imagine loud music and cheering going on for 24 hours straight.  Some of the riders (fortunately not me) rode in the middle of the night and very early morning. 

The 2nd was the MS ride fundraiser Super Spin at Pinnacle in Fitchburg for Patti's Pedalers. 2 hours of spinning. The best part was the bidding on songs. If riders didn't like a song (like David Hasselhoff singing), then they bid $5 to get the next song to play. A few songs went back and forth and got up to $15.  Several hundred dollars was raised for the Wisconsin MS ride in August.

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