Get Your Ride in Whilst Cutting the Lawn

It seemed for many years that One of the main purposes of technology was to lessen the amount of work done by people. People invented electronic wash machines, toothbrushes, robots, dishwashers, cruise control, scantron tests, remote controls, and motorized lawn mowers.

Imagine someone inventing a machine that creates more work than existing technology. Why would anyone do this? Maybe to spare the environment, help curb obesity, or maybe because exercise makes people more healthy and also smarter.

Engineering students at UW-Madison recently invented a cycle powered lawnmower. Similar to a recumbent bicycle, the operator pedals the machine which moves about twice as fast as a push mower and cuts the lawn. The students estimate a normal person could ride/cut for about one hour. Great idea. Although I know if I bought one of these I would start timing my lawn mows, keeping records and trying to cut times in addition to grass.

I hope the idea catches on and we see lots of mowcycles in the future. For a picture click here.

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