Keep Your Bike Out of Reach From Thieves

It seems as though bike thieves will find a way to steal no matter what type of lock is used on a bike.  One possible solution is to use bike lockers.  One reason bike lockers work is because people do not know what if anything is inside the locker.  This obviously does not work when your bike is visible to the public.  How can bikers protect their bikes when a bike locker is not available and the bike will be visible to all who walk/ drive by?  Answer-Put your bike out of reach of everyone except you.

German engineers recently invented a contraption that lifts bikes up in the air out of reach of would be bike stealers.  Although it's a great idea and looks really cool-especially with the key remote that sounds like a car alarm, it also looks seriously heavy and cumbersome.  Since the bike lifter was invented as part of an engineering contest, they may also not be available for sale.

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