SBR now has a Guru Dynamic Fit Unit for fitting bicyclists around the Madison area.  The new unit is one of only 8 in North America.  SBR Coaching and Spinning Studio and Rocket Bikes are right next door to Wisconsin Bicycle Injury Lawyer Clayton Griessmeyer.

Guru Dynamic Fit Bicycle At SBR Coacing/ Rocket Bicycle Studio-Verona, WI

The unique feature of this bike fit is that the unit is fully motorized and moves the rider into any position possible while riding the bike.  Other fit units sometimes require the rider to stop pedaling while the fitter makes certain adjustments.

With the DFU,  the rider can have her cadence, power, heart rate measured during the fit process. 

During the fit, Jessica will be assessing body angles, position, comfort, power, and other important details.  After the fit, riders can have their current bicycles adjusted to match the optimum postion or may choose to purchase a new custom Guru bike. 

For more info on this fit, see: SBR Coaching and Rocket Bicycle Studio

Below is a photo from the Guru unveiling.  They even had a French Canadian come down to help set everything up and speak French Canadian.

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