Funds for Bicycle Trails

According to Rails to Trails,

AAA recently advocated for eliminating federal money that is used to help build bicyle and pedestrian trails.  In the past, the federal money  created almost 20,000 miles of trials for biking and walking all across the United States. 

Recent shortfalls in annual highway funding are be used to argue that the federal money should go towards highway funds and not bicycle and walking trails.

As with all things, there needs to be a balance.  Money will always be needed for maintaining our Nation's many highways and some people will never walk or bike when they can drive instead. 

However, the increase in bicycle trails helps decrease the amount of highway funds needed because the more people biking instead of driving, (even for short trips such as going to the grocery), the less traffic, and the less money needed for maintaining the roads.  Drivers who drive to work everyday should be very happy with those who choose to bike because it creates one less car for them to get stuck in traffic with and creates one more parking spot when they get to their destination. 

To sign a petition with AAA to say yes to Federal Funding for bicycling, click here:  Petition for Federal Bicycle Funding.

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