Now that Spring is here, the public and press are fired up about bicycling, new proposals for saftey, and other advocacy issues. Just this morning, there was an article in the Wisconsin State Journal discussing Mayor Dave's trip to the Netherlands with other important Wisconsin bicycle policy makers. For those of you who attended the Bike Fed Summit, you are already familiar with the Netherlands trip.

According to the WSJ article, a few of the new and important bicycle issues that could be implemented in Madison based on information learned in the Netherlands include:

1. Colored tape markings for bike boxes (Madison currently has bike boxes at the five-point intersection of Blair, Wilson and Williamson streets, and the intersection of State and Henry streets).

2. A bike light- a traffic signal specifically for bicyclists.

Check out the bike Sharrow, another good option to improve bicycle safety in Madison.

For more over the top considerations for bicycle and pedestrian saftey in Wisconsin, check out the optical illusion speed bumps and laser crosswalk.

Posted by Clayton Griessmeyer, Wisconsin Bike Accident Lawyer

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