This past weekend was the Badger Prairie cyclocross in Verona, Wisconsin. The weather was about 50 degrees with sun and dry conditions. I pre-rode the course at 8:30 a.m. and noticed frost on the grass but it all melted and dried by the time the races started. Best part of the race is that it is only about 4 blocks from where I live so it was perfect to ride over early in the morning, pre ride, then enjoy some coffee in Verona. (bike fuel in case you were wondering what brand). I raced cat 4. Felt good. Race started with everyone going fast and wide. One crash just after the pond. A few fast downhills. Everyone started to thin out. The course has one steep hill but almost all could ride it. Also two obstacles but both were slow. One was after a sharp turn and uphill and the second was after a 180turn. I had a lot of fun and felt strong and passed some riders throughout the race and beat my bro who was racing for first time. After my race I had picked up my dog and went back to cheer on the others. There was a nice crowd on top of the hill giving out handouts. Fun day. Ended up finishing in top half. Enjoy the pics and video of me climbing the hill.

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