The Madison police have launched a crackdown on bikers who break the law. As part of a federally funded bicycle safety initiative, the police are targeting biker infractions. There are about 6 days planned between August and September where bike cops will be out ticketing.

Personally, I think this is a great idea. It should help to asuage some of the driver's concerns about bikers breaking the law and getting away with it. Also, it will hopefully help keep bikers safer because of an awarness of the crackdown.

One funny note on this topic from a recent story in the Captial times addressed what might happen if a bicyclist decides to not stop for the bike cop. A Madison police officer commented on past incidences of bike cops chasing bikers. "Tripke, a beat officer at the time, remembers hearing the beleaguered cops on the radio. "You'd hear them huffing and puffing in the background, 'I'm in pursuit of a bike,' " he says."

Below is one comment from a blog at Capital Times made in response to the ticketing. For the full Cap Times article, please see:

“You want the same, Zack? Then start acting the same. No more switching to the crosswalk at a redlight, no more using the sidewalk. No more running red lights, no more threading between cars stopped at a light. Frankly, I'd love to give you all your own lane -- if I could be assured that you'd stay in it. And I'd feel a lot more sympathetic to your arguments if it wasn't you kneejerk response to fire comments about pollution back at people who are pointing out the lawbreaking by bike riders. Bottom line: there are laws that govern the use of vehicles on the road, and that includes bikes. I can't ride my bike to work (McFarland to Middleton, not going to happen), so I drive. I obey the laws, and I expect bike riders to do the same.

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