The Freiker program (frequent biker) has just begun in the Madison area. The students have chips attached to their bike helmets and a computer keeps track of each time they ride to school.
Points are awarded for trips and can be redeemed at Trek stores in Madison. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, students also become eligible for weekly drawings and end of year prizes including a Trek Bike.

McFarland High School has the program in place along with other great bike activities for its students. In the past, the high school has had valet bike parking and organized group rides.

It's great to see incentives for kids that actually promote healthy behaviors. I also think with the computer system it makes it more fun and similar to a competition. This is a great idea and I hope other schools pick up on it as well.

According to the Freiker website, they have counted over 130,000 bike rides to school so far. The cost of the program is $4,000 for the first year and about $2,000 per year after that.

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