Learn while commuting and skip the Astronomy lab and go for a bike ride in Madison instead.

UW-Madison has organized a bicycle route along Madison's Southwest Bike Path and Military Ridge State Trail that presents the solar system and planets in perfect scale/distance.

The sun, is 24 feet across and Pluto-(can you believe it's no longer a planet) is the size of a marble and is located in Mt. Horeb. Earth is the size of an apple. Mars is just West of Doty Street and Jupiter is near Lake Wingra.

Now you can take a bicycle ride in Dane County and learn about the solar system at the same time. The planets, which can all be viewed by bicycle, are shrunk 200 million times.

This exhibit/ ride will remain until October. What a great idea to get people out on their bikes and tie it in to learning. Hopefully this will lead to more creative bicycle routes and exhibits.

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