When it comes to pain and suffering, a Wisconsin bicyclist or his or her lawyer must prove up the damages. A jury may consider how athletic the injured bicyclist was before the accident and the effect the accident had upon his or her lifestyle. This is why it is important to hire a lawyer who understands athletes and the lifestyle of athletes like attorney Clayton Griessmeyer does.

In 1993, a motorist was eastbound on Juneau avenue in Milwuakee. A bicyclist was traveling westbound on the same road. The driver turned left in front of the biker causing an accident.

In concluding that the bicyclist's trial court award for $90,000 for pain and suffering was appropriate, the appellate court considered things such as:

1. The injured bicyclist was employed as a letter carrier for seven years prior to the bicycle accident;
2. His life expectancy at the time of accident was 40.5;
3. The plaintiff was an athletic person who ran and biked prodigiously;
4. In high school he set a record for a cross country event;
5. In 1984 he made a bicycle trip for 500 miles in five days;
6. For a while after the bicycle accident he did not ride his bike and was adviced by his doctor to cut back on biking and running;
7. There was a finding of various medical conditions including a two percent partial disability of the right knee due to scar tissue.

The above descriptions of this man's injuries help demonstrate why it is beneficial to hire a bicycle injury lawyer. Who better than a fellow Wisconsin bicycle rider (and attorney) and racer to explain to a jury the effect of a bicycle accident. Attorney Clayton Griessmeyer has been competing in triathlons since age 12, has raced criteriums, swam for UW La Crosse, and has experience in bicycle injury litigation.

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