Many people long to ride a century but feel they don't have adequate training or the skills necessary to prepare for a 100 mile ride. Maywood Park in Sheboygan, Wisconsin is offering a 5 month program (starting May 4, 2009) to assist riders in traing for long distance riding. The program consists of weekly rides, meetings, and workshops and is based on a cyclists ability.

Rides are on Monday nights leaving from Maywood Park in Sheboygan and on weekends the bicycle rides have sag support. The cost is $160 per person and includes a free entry into the Sheboygan Maywood Earth Ride on September 19, 2009.

For those who haven't been to Maywood or Evergreen Park, I highly reccomend it. The park is great for cross country running and has great scenery including the Pigeon River, Evergreen trees, deer, turkey, and lots of opportunities to run on soft trials including grass, gravel, and dirt. During winter, the park is a haven for cross country skiers.

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